International Olympiad in Informatics

Welcome to the 16th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2004)
to be held in Athens from September 11th to 18th, 2004.

Two weeks after athletes from all over the world complete the Olympic Games
“Athens 2004”, our international family will begin their quest for the gold.
Our home will be the Olympic Press Village,which will become the “IOI Village”
for 8 memorable days.

The links to your left will guide you through our organization and its preparations.
Information will be updated regularly, as we put the wheels in motion.

Registration: The area where register your team, leaders, and guests.
About IOI: Information on the event, its history and its goals
Links: The past and future IOI’s
About Greece: Useful info on the host country and a few extras.
Schedule: Provides the daily schedule for the week-long event and surrounding activities.
Competition: Tells you all about the rules, tasks, equipment, and grading.
IOI2004: Who is Who: The organizational structure of IOI 2004.
Facilities: All about the computing, dining, recreation and housing environment at “IOI Village”
Picture Gallery: Is where the pictures of IOI 2004 will be stored.
News: Lists all the communications (newsletters, reports) produced about IOI 2004, as well as the
Press kit: Info for media professionals
Contact: and other useful e-mail addresses.